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A vague attempt to capture a whole gamut - an incessantly changing flux leading sprightly into No mans land.
Well, well...Did I fool you into thinking who you think I am after reading all this!! But isnt that what life is?Didnt the word "personality" stem from "persona" meaning mask???Is the whole world one big sham fest??

Heard in the background :"Whats wrong with you !!! You havent even read "Catcher in the Rye" yet.. Yaar, an insaan can take only so much misanthrope talk a day !!!!"

I am going crazy !!! Tommorow I am off to sightsee Mysore,Ranganthittoo and Brindavan with my folks.Probably the first time in God knows how many years,we are really on a "no-business,pleasure-only" trip  !!!


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