Veraciously yours ....

Why, cant I just post the truth here?Why the hell should I really be bothered about people finding out?
Why should it matter that some in the family will read it?Wouldnt they have guessed by now?(Cmon!! It was there for everyone to see!!!)Sometimes it is frustrating.Sometimes I just want to say "To hell with everything" and just holler the truth from the roof top.Somethings indeed arent to be kept to oneself.It would come out in the open someday.I'd rather declare the truth to the whole world myself.
That truth, isnt after all a total secret.It indeed was something that was percieved by a trained eye.I have , in the past,carefully chosen to avoid talking about this.Taken the high road.How?Pretense.And denial.First to myself, and later to the world at large.But,at one point , it became too much to take.That was when things took a different turn.It is an amazing feeling,how you are elated and depressed at the same time.Sometimes you think you have just been plain lucky for to go unnoticed for such a long period of time.And depressed for hoodwinking  people you know well.Not that I havent tried to come clean.I have, come close, a couple of times.The outcome :It was laughed off as a joke. (Did you just hear Chandler say "What does a man have to do to be taken seriously in here!!!)
Yes, I had been burning to write about something for long.That post, and the substance of the post,is here,now.
I formally declare that... ...
Okay wait. I still have somemore time..
*think think* what will be the repurcussions of such a bold confession?
How will it affect ..... *more of think think*!!!!
How should it matter... this is the truth, and I should come clean someday!!!!
Okay fine.. whatever happens.. Here is the ultimate truth... ....
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