In Cincy !!!

Okay,after those long back breaking hours of flight,luggage hauling and super train ride at chicago here I am. Well,technically today is my third day in the US.I have shared most of my experiences with people through long mails,so would rather not write more about the german family or the view from my ninth floor apartment.Got quite lucky though,would be living on-campus here.These days I ve just been doing the usual stuff- running around,completing formalities,and resetting the body clock.
US has been treating me good so far,and yes, I might be having a good time here in the days to come!!!

There is this cute thing, who decided to write an entire post for my going away!!! (Interested Junta can read it here). What can I say, except,I am truly touched,and how special she is,not just to me,but to all of us.

On my recent blog hopping spells, I ve been noticing,most people either about to come here,or are on the way,or are here already.So I ve been reading quite a few
"This-is-my-last-post-from-India" posts.And " I am leaving on a jet plane" seems to be the song of the season for lots of other people too!!Good to know!! What a real nice song !!!!!

PS: Notice changes in the countdown portion of the sidebar??

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