It is a problem when you are not the only Indian/BITSian in here.Much less a blogger.Watever you want to say about your experiences in the US of A you find alteast three people talking about the same things.Well,to cut a long story short, I have been doing pretty much what all desi-grads do when they come here - trying hand at cooking(yes,the cartography bit too!!!!),looking out for jobs in libraries,offices,and labs,finding out calling card rates to call India,watch movies on and of course,stay on the net forever.Will write about more in a few days time, and,of course,will not bloghop before I log on to blogger.Cya then then folks!!!!

And yes,One more in the family blogs now!!! Yipee!!!! Nazim a.k.a url,emoclew to the blogworld.

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