Some days you feel like an idiot.Some days you blog.

Dont start off... this was one of the "punch-lines" on Which by the way is a cool place to be. So, the bidding goodbye spree is in full swing now.Attending calls from friends and relatives, I often face the question.The inevitable "So , are you excited??" Excited??Oh yes, you can send someone off to No mans land(Well,not exactly, put her in a cell, give her grub(or rather condemn her to eating grub she makes herself!!!!),assign her days of math and programming,make her sweat out for that daily bread, and call it fun, or excitement !!!!

What do you think !!! We live in 2004. An average of one and a half person per family as been to twenty different countries thirty different times.You almost know all about SCI,mortage,wal-marts,garage sales,port of entry,daylight savings,and the CK undies sale !!!!

Okay, I think sometimes, it takes that little element of surprise or eagerness away from living.Not just about US, about everything else.Too much information at hand kills the joy of getting there.With a thousand people giving you the "been there,done that" talk over these innumerable egroups,message boards and other discussion forums,not to mention the fact that your going to be stuck there for eternity, and get paid a little more than our dhoodwala...doesnt make things anymore fun,does it?

Which leads us to one fundamental question.Why?Simply put, a lot of things.Well,dont like the way things work in the industry here.Or for that matter, a lot of other things too.And the usual career advancement crap. Come to think of it, I probably never could have gone back to good ol' days of living with family.Oh, I still love my folks and all.Only, I think, after a point you develop your own individual personality.Which , if not respected,can lead to trouble. I personally think,everyone has to live away from home for a few years.Does the person a lot of good , believe me.

Anyways, I really want to write one good post before I leave India.Or, well, make that , I want to write one good post.Makes more sense!!!!
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