Cincinnati Bearcats Vs Miami Redhawks

My first Football match.I could give you a match review in my still tottering and almost non-existent "Football-ish" but I'd rather you guys read the review here.Oh, and just so you know,this football is not played with the foot.It is not even remotely related to our dear old Manchester United and Real Madrid(*smooches Raul Gonzales in dreams*).

Anyways, as I was saying,whatever it is called, this sport is religion here.For the first time since I reached the US, I was very excited to see throngs of people sporting red T shirts and caps and camping all day, waiting in long queues to get inside the Nippert stadium.It still is, nowhere comparable to our cricketing values,but this,folks,I guess, is as good as it gets.

Bearcats apart, the last week has been an extremely enjoyable one, with coffee hour,orientation,and the welcome party.Next weekend promises to be even greater fun,with camping and vacationing on the cards.

Work, has been good,and I have been getting to know a lot of people.Interacting with a half north Korean colleague(whose dad went to Vietnam war when he was 17,and of course met her mom there),a boss whose trip to India made a huge difference in her life, and a fellow GA American grad student who still lives with family and adores her siblings, and ... mm.. good stuff going on!!!!!

Will be back with more.These days, I am seriously contemplating adoption.Or something equally drastic.I am still sane.Thankfully so.
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