This post wasnt due until I got all my labor day fireworks snaps uploaded.But things can wait.

My life here is cool,and couldnt resemble my sloth-and-fun filled BITSian days more.Blogging these days has kinda taken a back seat, but things are expected to even out soon.More importantly,work means getting up early morning and being at the seat by 8 30.And getting to chat with India friends.And getting to see some live mush action. (Oh, I am talking about HIM and his HER).I would post some samples of mush talk, but then,my good senses plead otherwise.Besides what is new about "my chellam gf...appidi podu ma! namma rendu perum ava kuduthu naan eduthundu vandha chocolates sendhuadikalam..over a romantic candlelit dinner. ;)" or this "Nonsense...I got blessings from my gf herself...ava dhan en temple and deivam ;)"!!!!Good to see my friends have some action and fun. Now I am going to run helter- skelter to avoid getting beaten up by these two.Okay guys,between the three of us, you can secretly thank me for the much needed publicity to take this thing to new heights(??).

Anyways,this post was originally intended to welcome someone to the blogworld. I thought for a long while, struggled over many cups of coke and chips to come up with something of a befitting welcome for this guy.Of course, I couldnt come up with anything good enough.But,before I do that welcome, maybe I must come up with a good post on him, and have a more self-explanatory tag for my countdown.Since all these things take time, I'd rather do it now.Okay,now what? Simply, welcome dear.

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