"Have I ever told you how tongue-tied I become when it comes about writing things thar invloved pretty much anything else but crap? Yea , well, if you dont,then you can go an look at my posts,almost all of them. Well,if you still dont, then go ahead and picture this.You get some quality time to sit down and write a post.You go online and by sheer habit,go to some of your friends blog,one thing leads to another,and you bloghop.Only to find,anything you want to write about,already posted about.When I mean posted, I mean written,and written very very well.What was just a vague ,unrecognisable thought in my mind,penned down with such clarity and exquisite wordsmanship(Now,dont ask me if that is even a word!!!),that makes you wonder why you started blogging in the first place.

Needless to say,two three food and laccha stops later I have forgotten why I started posting.Will be back with more."

Thus began this post- dated August 20,2004.It is September 5th today.It is the labor day long weekend in here,and for the umpteenth time,I am gonna say this, "I am bored".(Cribbing mails,calls,scraps,and IMs from me would say the same thing, so pardon me for that!!!).Well, yesterday was another normal weekend day.Vetti lacchas, and making"Barbeque popcorn"(well,incase you are able to picture us using all our cooking expertise and racking our brains to come up with this major culinary feast, well, take a closer look..well, lets just say the popcorn was,well, in scientific terms,a little carborised!!!!)and discussing network marketing at UC.But then, on a serious note,yesterday infact included a major cooking session by me and Ashwin, for the inmates of "Nizamuddin".(Well,how better can you name a kind seniors two bedroom place,which currently houses not less that 15 people strewn all over the couches and beds!!!!).

Today has been lazy,quiet and solitary so far.Maybe we will go up the riverfront to see fireworks later today. Okay now I am in one of my "not-so-busy-weekend" moods. I better stop now.
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