Friday evenings end like this for ECECS people. A boring 50 min seminar on some godamn principles of research and so on.As usual yours, truly has never been to one of these,preferring to take recourse in the comforts of the bed and comforter instead.

But , as luck would have it, turns out attendance to this one is mandatory, and no more that 2 absences are permitted.So, cursing all Gods, for decreeing such a cruel thing as attending classes on me,I sauntered cooly into the last one, thinking of all possible ways to fruitfully spend an hour and fifteen minutes(That it was not 1:15 minutes, but only 50 mins, was a minor consolation for this soul!!!).But then, in a fortuitious turn of events ,me and a few of my friends, were comfortably seated behind a pillar.

"Cow-Bull!!!" said one."No , I protest, Hollywood!!!" said another. "Cmon guys, grow up!!! Didnt you see those chinks excitedly chattering away last seminar.. Cmon,lets stop acting nerdy and play Antakshari for God's sake!!!" said a third one."Hey, if we all walked off,do you think she would particularly notice??" said another.The lady in question, was a fragile old gray haired woman,the typical horn-rimmed ones, right out of an Enid Blyton novel.

"Look at her, she looks "Inniko naalaiko" "we decide.One thing lead to another and before we knew it me and ash were locking horns in a feirce battle - a poem writing competition on the woman herself.

My multi tasking ablilites also meant I was playing "Cow-bull" with my roomie seated beside me. Faster than we could say "Purdy" the weekend began.Needless to say, I was looking forward to this Friday's seminar for an hour of unlimited fun.I walked into the room,armed with a pack of chips and a new armory of games.To my utter consternation, all rows were filled to capacity.After an embarrassing 10 minutes jaywalking inside the seminar room, I found myself seated right under the professors nose.For some strange reason,Dr. HC found it necessary to look directly into my eyes and explain how you plot log graphs in some software.

Result : A badly sprained neck thanks to my incessant nodding.

Moral of the story :Bed and comforter are a person's best friends.

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