"Oh !!! What a ride that was!!!" I thought,as I got off the Roller Coaster,my bones still aching from the impact.Shaky leggged and totally drained out, I grabbed a popcorn and and Ice cream and sat by the bench to catch my breath.

Suddenly I saw people getting into the ride. "Hey" I shout,but they are too excited to listen.I sit back and watch, as the ride goes higher.They close their eyes , thrilled by the high.A familiar nostalgic wave swept over me.I sit there, knowing, that the ride would take them higher, and at the highest point , stop for a second. Opening their eyes, they would find themselves on top of the world.

But Oh,the coaster would then go downhill too, I panic.It is a gravity defying fall, that would have the whole place go topsy-turvy.I start shouting to warn them,but then, I realise,they are just on the start of the ride.Not fair to be warned already.Just ride with the wind.And enjoy the high.Endure the lows. And, while we are at it, I just pray the Roller-Coaster guy forgets his keys, and these people ride on forever.

Oh , I am outta popcorn, I ll just grab somemore, and watch more people ride.
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