This is a very typical senti post. The types you can find in every other forward that floods your inbox daily.It might border on being "K3G-ish" or simply too cliched. But I dont care, I just had to get it all off my chest. So here goes :

I was 9, and I came jumping home. I was all excited about my first excursion. It was one whole day and it took me through beaches, and factories and aquariums. You made sure I took morning breakfast,snacks, lunch hampers and a whole lot of water with me. I came home all elated and tired, with a bad headache, and shouted at you. You put me on your lap and made sure I slept well.

I didnt know you hadnt eaten all day, worried for my safety.

I was 16, and was excited about going to BITS.I was happy to leave home, and finally find the independence that I wanted. I was excited about having my own room, freinds to hang out with all day, and sleep late, miss lunches and what not. You travelled all the way accross the country, just to make sure I was all settled. I threw tantrums at you because you had a bad headache and wanted to borrow my balm. I was impatient to see you off and get going to classes.

I didnt know that you cried all the way back.

Every hols, I used to come home weary and tired. Sometimes, I cried for no reason at all, I used you as a punching bag for all my frustrations of the semester gone by. You waited , counting everyday off the calendar, wanting me to come back. I landed at home,only to visit my friend on the way. You waited with my favorite dinner menu, that I wouldnt eat for hours because of phone calls. You wanted to sleep beside me, to offer me comfort, but I would sit on the computer all night chatting away. You would come into my room in the morning, expectantly, hoping to have a conversation, and I would just have you cook for me and go away to sleep.

It was time to go back to college, I would keep running around the platform, meeting friends after the break and catching up on gossip. You would look away hoping I woudnt notice how you were trying to stem those tears. As the train started slowly, I would be comfortably ensconsed with friends, and you would keep waving on and on, hoping I would catch a glimpse, till the long train faded away into the horizon.

It was PS II time. You wanted to stay with me for six months. You wanted to make up for the time spent away from home. I cruelly said "NO", right on your face, and went on and on about an individual's private space, and respect for each others opinions and the like.You prayed for my making a Job, and when I did, you hoped I would stay nearby.I , on the other hand , was glad to see that my appointment letter had "Pune" written on it.I on the other hand, lectured about how higher studies is important at this stage in my career, and as to how I should make use of the opportunity at hand. You were very happy when I made my second job, hoping I would stay nearby. I rushed out of the VISA office, to see you anxiously waiting outside the consulate in the sweltering heat, only to tell you I am going away... half the world away from you.

You packed my bags, made all my lists meticulously as I was out partying with my friends ,the last few days.You prayed for me, and hoped everything was fine, and I was cribbing about not being able to spend my last birthday in India with my friends.The last few hours before take-off, you spent time alone at the house, because I was out for a haircut and meeting friends. You cried at the airport, and I, was worrying about whether my hand luggage had my favorite Sonu Nigam CD or not.

Mom and Dad,I am happy that you have finally gotten where you always wanted to be, and I want to wish you the very best in this new life you are about to embark upon.And yes, I love you. :)

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