1.My first snow..Awesome..atleast till i get bored of it.Will post pics tommorow !!

2.MS passed away ...

3.Its was one sunny December that I , for one last time,packed my bags, and hauled it into a Sumo.One last time,went to sky and said bye to pappu.Yes,its been exaclty one year since i passed out of college.

4.Fall2004-One quarter done.Three courses down!!!

5.Amazing weekend of partying,movies and Jungle Jim's.

6.Slogging at office,loading laptops,going out for lunch and listening to "Desperate Housewives "and the whole scoop on the CPS superintendent.

7.Packing to leave for the break pretty soon.

8.Hopefully my last post from a desktop..Come soon to me Lappie!!!

9.Found a very addictive way to end the day..(Ok now all u perverts!! Thats NOT what I was thinking!!!)

10.Peppermint herbal tea and cookies - Best way warm up a snowy day!!!

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