Happy Womens day!!

I am half-dead. So much so that I first typed out this post in camelinthedesert !!! ROFL !!

Yesterday : I look at myself in the mirror after a long time. What ? I mean , I had no illusions about my looks, but they way I look currently really puts dracula to shame.

What followed, was some effort increase my feel-good factor.Wore a kurtha,changed earrings, put on some lipstick, and best of all, wore some bangles !!!!

Now, as it turned out, the clinking of the bangles against the keyboard strangely didnt annoy me yesterday, and the sound infact kept me company in those god-forsaken place called grad lab, and most importantly kept me awake !!!!!

Though I dont possess many aspects of ,or rather what is widely stereotyped as the notion of "Girly", I am inordinately proud and happy being a woman !!! I wish I had more time to worry about my skin-tone or dark circles.. Nevertheless...We women rock !!!! HAPPY WOMENS DAY !!!
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