The last week has probably been one of the worst of all times.But yes, I dont regret one bit the marathon nite-outs and the mad,all-out rushes to meet submission and demo deadlines. Last March, was one of my best months ever, as was, come to think of it, the year before.Well, infact, this is my first March after 4 years without APOGEE.It has left behind a huge void in me.Luckily my crazy gradschool life has ensured I didnt have too much time to miss my department. Until today.I cant believe, when I got done with my final submission for this week at 5 today, I actually felt very apprehensive about not having neck-wringing deadlines , for the rest of this week atleast.Well,thanks gradschool, trying to ensure that I dont have the time to have a life.Or alteast crib about the lack of one.

So anyway, last March, was the best time ever.Hmm, those months and months of shopping for dresses,accessories,planning the wedding,those last minute hitches,the relatives, the glare, the cold feet, the high of welcoming a new member into the family, those cards sessions with cousins,the laughter, the fun, the excitement , the tiresomeness,those oldies tips on "doing it" :) .

Yes, thats a very chocolate-and-roses way of looking at life in general.But, Well, the one thing is brought home to me, is the shallowness of it all, and how utterly materialistic and phony the Tam-Bram society is. Yes, its all about who gets invited and who doesnt , its about who has a Merc E class and who doesnt, how many members of your family is in the US, how many stamps your passport has, what is the resolution of your camcorder, who sings at your reception, and how many items the menu had.Its about politics, settling old family scores, creating new ones, an utterly shamless waste of money, that shouts, "Look how well we have done for ourselves".

I mean, its utterly foolish to see a hard working middle class families, where one or both parents earn all their lives, saving up those precious rupees, investing wisely, spending laks and laks of money, inviting some third or fourth cousin from yesteryears you've hardly been in touch with.And the amount of food that gets wasted, the time and energy spent in organising it.. is it even worth it ?

I mean, in the end, marriage is supposed to be about the guy and the girl concerned.In this setup, it is everything BUT that.

So, forgetting the procedure as an external triviality, lets talk about the happy couple.Well, I have seen a whole range of them , from "I ll never see your face again" to "How did I even live without you all these years".And wow, they have been married for a year now !!!Time sure does fly !!!!

Happy First Wedding anniversary... Sis and Jeeju !!!

Hmm.. So now that its March 10.March has a lot of special dates.And, it just struck me, my anniversary isnt too far either.Sometimes I cant wait to post a special to mark this occasion.But again, I am such a bad writer when it comes to writing about myself.So I guess I am gonna wish myself a happy anniversary much before schedule.Blogging Anniversary, I meant , of course !!!
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