Itz 4 o clock on a Friday evening.And I am just waiting for 5, after a hectic day at work. After a cheesecake and pizza worklunch at office, the mood is relaxed.And,I just found the cutest thing - Play-Doh !!!!!

"Oh.. look at the smile on her face"
"Thats cuteeee"

Now,they are thrilled to see someone so taken with these play things, that they want to take me to toys-R-us !!!(Thats right, when you are the youngest in the workplace, you have to deal with some pampering !!!)

So anywayz,for once, I dont have shitloads of assignments and tests to catch up on, no advisor meetings to worry about.. coz its not just any Friday, Itz the SPRING BREAK !!!!!!!!

Bye Bye Winter 2005 !!!!

Thank God !!! The quarter is over !!!

There is just too much to write about, and I really dont know where to start from.Hmm..playing host @ cincy followed by a whole week away at home in Maryland should do me a world of good - Yup, I am lucky I have an R&R spot in the US - bubble baths,reading up, lazing around in pyjamas, and dining out !!!! I am sooo looking forward !!!

And... hopefully a lot of blogging too!!!
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