The perfect match

People said it was a perfect match.

The two were thrilled to get there. It wasnt a first rush,impetuous thing. I was a part of an ongoing,gradual process of tuning into each other.

Expectations? Well, they knew right from the start that it was an uphill,daunting task.But irrespective of the outcome, they deserved being where they were, and were going to enjoy it while it lasted.

It was two years ago.March 23,2003. India met Australia in the WC finals.Perfect match.Outcome-not favorable. The experience - worth a lifetime. Could India have done any better to win the match?Did they get overwhelmed? Was it because it was the first time for most people in the team? Would it have been a different outcome if they played anyone else?Will India ever get to a WC finals again?Too many questions.No right answers.

Well, you know what they say , it is not the destination.It is the journey.
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