Well, I have been planning this post for around two months now.Loads of half written drafts stand testimony to this.But now that the day is finally here, I dont know what to say.What do I write about one whole year that has passed by.

Maybe , blogging , to me is similar to music.By music, I mean singing. You enjoy doing it, you love to express yourself, and you love the fact that you have an audience.Right from the word go,I knew blogging was there to stay with me.It wasnt like one of those short-lived fads.

Which reminds me, to say something about the word go itself.It was a sunny bangalore afternoon.The group piled on to an auto, to go to our favorite Jayanagar "Corner House" haunt, when one of us casually mentioned a a fellow bitsian's blog url.PS in itself, was seldom challenging, and even after those two hour lunch breaks, three coffee breaks, and God knows how many IIM-B breaks, you still found plenty of time at hand.Not wanting to "waste" anymore time,I went to his site, and thats when the blogger bug bit me.

My initial experiences with writing, were very shaky , and seldom cohesive.It was just years since I had produced a decent article, and lets just say , my writing was rusty at best. Reading known people's blogs, piqued my curiosity and it was nice knowing what was happening in their lives.I kept coming back for more.Many, many a time, when I was down, or confused or sad, I would just go bloghopping, and find someone else, articulately expressing and mirroring my feelings.Suddenly the blogworld was my comfort zone.

As I read more, I also started developing a particular "mode" of writing.For instance, I would never write about politics, or economics or wireless adhoc networks.My style, would be decidedly personal.As more poeple started visiting the site,the topics, style and presentation changed.Well ,I dont really keep in mind who reads the site when I write, but also , if I were to go into detail about Dharmavathi, the 59th Melakartha and its swaras Sa Ri2 Ga2 Ma2 Pa Da2 Ni3 Sa and how Madhuvanthi is a Janya of Dharmavathi , well , you get the idea.

Shifting to a new country, also meant I would have a lot of new experiences and views to write about.And, reading about experiences of batchmate bloggers,made life a lot more easy.It was through Orkut, that I also found, that there were quite a few BITSian bloggers. Thus was concieved the idea to bring together all of us under one roof, and this, happened.Life has been very good to me since then. I really love to write, and I am grateful to those people who visit this site and read whatever I write.Thanks a lot people.Yes, there are these days when I am pissed at the whole world, and wished I could go anonymous and swear all I want,but I know I would never write if there was no one to read. You guys rock my world !!!!

It has been a great year of blogging.Hope to have many more to come.

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