I have so, many things to do..

Oops, Boss wants the db complete by today..

Advisor wants the ppt ready by today....

Aw AW !! I absolutely have to do laundry today..

Oops!! It is my cooking turn today...

And then it happened.Through the earphones flowed lilting Anandhabhairavi- "Ksheera saaga vihara..."In an auto response, fingers move out of the keyboard, and started tapping "Kanda chapu" rythmically.I close my eyes and take in all the Anandhabairavi I possibly can. I picture the song as a mom, slowly caressing the child first ,and then rocking it with rythmic motions as the child trustingly,relaxes in her arms. And the way the notes slowly, intoxicatingly fill my senses- it is an incredible high,that I so bad at explaining.No matter how many times I ve sung this, or heard it - this song is very, very evocative - in a mysterious, haunting elusive kind of way.

And then the music stopped.Suddenly , and without warning , i was thrown back to the world of db and Markovian queues :(

It is soo traumatic you have no idea !!!
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