I ve never been a huge fan of forwards or chain mails that make you scroll down through pages and pages of (Infy/Wipro/TCS/Satyam) addresses,insane signatures,and crazy emoticons that by the time you get to the material you are all worn out. Not to be outdone, the forwards themselves have you answer some seemingly brilliant psychology quiz ,along the lines of "Which do you like, cat or lion"(Imagine how many bytes of rubbish data you make those poor dialup modems transmit and the gazillions of money being spent on research to find the optimum way to transmit these bytes !!!) and just when you have raked all your brains and answered it , you are further thrown down to pages of "Keep scrolling to find the answer". The verdict is out even before you emerge out at the other end of the scroll .You just made a fool of yourself.

So anyway, there is this new tagging spree attacking the blogdom. It is nice to see a lot of people write about the same things, and you get a real good idea of how different people answer the same questions.But, would you rather blog about things that you feel relevant to find a space in your blog, than filling out a global slambook, if you will??On the other hand, is it some sort of an orkut-like, "Look I ve been tagged too" thing? But, isnt it also some sort of an indication of camaraderie among fellow bloggers? I don't know the answer to all this , but I am going to try and do it this once.

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Total Number of Books I Own:
Well, I dont even keep track of the number of T shirts I own , so I dont know the answer to this one. I am not an avid book collector, but I would like to own a huge collection of books one day.

Last Book I bought:
Code to Zero

Last Book I was gifted:
I dont know why, but my friends have not been huge fans of book gifting!!

Last Book I gifted
: Phdcomics !! (Huge fan!!)

I am currently reading
: "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown ( Yes, its been beside my bedside for too long now, blame it all on Indy GP!!)

Five Books that mean a lot to me:
Well, thats a difficult question, I can recollect quite a few from my childhood days though. After a point I guess you become too cynical to appreciate good books :) So, in no particular order :
  • Harry Potter series
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy
  • Swami and friends
  • The Magic faraway tree
  • Circus days
  • Icon
(And no, that list is NOT, in anyway, indicative of the genre of books I usually read!!And No, "Fountainhead" does NOT find a place in this list, compelling as the book is :) )

Thanks for reading !!! Long live bookworms !!
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