Summer time is finally here. And yes, with the sun beating down mercilessly, the vacation has formally begun. Not having to worry about unreasonable profs and unsurmountable assignments is making me very,very happy.(I just discovered I have a weird way of constructing sentences. I could have well said, " I dont have to worry about profs and assignments, and hence I am happy". But whatever!)

I ride the Metro everyday.The bus route itself, is a pretty interesting one. It traverses a chunk of of Cincinnati's most notorious Vine Street.I travel with a wide variety of people.Conjuring up vivid images of these people's personalities makes up for an otherwise boring ride.Maybe I should start writing a "Metro-logue" to keep track of my encounters with the Metro-kind.

Downtown Cincinnati might not compare to Manhattan by any standards, but I have totally fallen in love with it. A few sprawling skyscrapers(if one could call it that!) interspersed with an array of Malls, banks, hotels - The fountain square and The Great American Ballpark, this place is just so beautiful.Especially if you are standing on the Kentucky side, and gazing accross the Ohio river to see the downtown on a clear, cloudless night.Arts centers,a well connected bus system,novel, themed restraunts,and wide variety of international cusines to dine from - A cozy Midwestern City suits me fine for now, thank you very much.

Well, in other news,my last week was too awesome.Too many movies, books, hanging out, eating food, a visit to the Dayton temple and Panegyri 2005- I am having a ball out here!

Next on my long "To-Cook" list - Gyros and Baklava !!!!Yummm !!!

Oh and Btw,

I fell.
I fell real hard.

I mean toppled. Like tripped and fell.(Something like "head over heels", if you can imagine that!!).

I am not exactly Miss.Dainty in general, but this week, I was on a roll!! The highlight was when me and my manager were walking down 5th street , when I fell bang in the middle of the road. It was an awkard moment for both of us, to say the least.Dusting myself off, I had to come up with some wisecrack to save the situation.Ouch! The knees still hurt!I really have to work on that gait, especially with the high heels now!!
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