Top 5 things happening

1. First day @ work . It was soo damn good. I am too tired to write more. Well, I am gonna take a long time to feel comfy wearing makeup and push up heels, but then, I also realised how claustrophobic H********, that I earlier interned with, used to make me feel. Yuck !!! Good riddance to a lot of things I used to hate !!!

2. There was a time when the only time the words "I" and "Metti" appeared in the same sentence, was " I hate mettioli that mom watches" or something. But then, last week saw me buy a bunch of them toe-rings , that I proudly sport whenever I can. Wow!!!

3. Capitalism stoops to unknown levels. Unabashed, shameless, none of these words do justice to this.Btw, so if I were in China, and I posted general stuff, that by chance, included these words "Democracy" and "Human rights", then this blog would be banned in China!!! Wow !! I feel so important now!!!

4. Finally I got to enroll in the public library, and finally , finally , I got to lay my hands on "The Da Vinci Code".

5. My house is back to a very sorry state again. I am tired of roomies moving in and moving out, cleaning all the stuff, throwing in , throwing out , deposit , bill settling and all that shit. Been in this state of flux since I was 16. Roomates, wingmates, boxes,crates,trunks, tickets, hand baggage,train tickets, flight tickets....... I am tired !!!
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