Good things about the Chicken-pox :

1. The first couple of days,you think you are in hell.Then you get a hang of it.

2. You can't sleep on your sides or back initially.And there is not much you can eat too.So you are actually on a crash diet and sleep deprived,so you are on the perfect weight loss plan!!!

3. Amazing care from friends and family... its like R & R !!!

4. You get to watch about 16 M*A*S*H episodes a day, with a few Gilmore girls,and F.R.I.E.N.D.S thrown in for variety.

5. You get to sleep a lot after the initial phase, and so you are sequestered in a world of good food,good sleep,lots of TV,lots of books,measured Internet, minimal phone calls.Life , lets face it , is good !!!

Oh, and thanks folks, for all the good wishes and help.Bye-bye chickenpox.I sure won't miss ya!!

Over and Out ,
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