It was all planned - the proverbial calm-after-the-storm post. I would write a post about Orkut,or a colored map showing "all the states in India/US I have visited". And life would go on normally for everyone around. But then, the more I read about the blank noise project posts, I grew as a person. This was an initiative, not only to bring my outrage to the public, but also to learn what goes on , on the other side of the coin. Therefore, I tried to read all the posts, mainly those written by men. Here are some links of posts, that really modified my thought process. IMHO, I think these men deserve much more praise for coming out in the open about this seemingly "feminist" issue. Oh really ??? Not all you guys wanna maul anything that resembles a female that comes by ??? Why is this fact so lost on me? Oh , well , maybe because of all those shitty Tam and Hindi movies glorifying the roadside romeo. Maybe because Vijay "puts sense" into Asin , and chides her for wearing a miniskirt.He becomes the hero, and the girl falls for him !!! (WTF??) But anyway, Thanks Dude, for letting us know some men actually get offended by those generalizations. Dude , you are not a Bot, you are a real person right?Don't you realise it means we have to revisit the first point in the rulebook "Most Indian men are like this " that our moms taught us when we were twelve :))??? Anyways ! Good post man !!!
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