Having lived around Cincinnati for quite a while, I think its time to list my food experiences in the city.

Best Thai Place : Teak Thai,Mt Adams.

Definitely tastes much different than ANY other Thai restraunt with its fresh basil leaves and gentle thai curry.

Worst Thai Place : Kun Ying,Downtown

Donot go there even if you are a victim of serious malnutrition. The service is downright.. well, let me take that back. The service is NONEXISTENT.

Best Medditerranean : Mejana,Downtown

The ambience and the music transports you to caravans and oases. Not to be outdone, the food is amazing, and its a veggie haven too!!

Best Indian : New Krishna,Sharonville

Amazing choices on the lunch buffet, this place is a chaat lovers heaven!

Cumin,Hyde Park :

Very good fusion cusine !!

Best Chinese : Shanghai Mama,Downtown

Service is very good, and food gets to your table fast. Very lunch friendly place. Food is seasonal though, sometimes its excellent, sometimes its pathetic.

PF chang's,Rookwood Commons : Not authentic chinese - but still great food !!

Worst Chinese : Red Pepper,West McMillan

What is the deal with Asian restraunts and food service? No really !! There is this very rude waitress who haggles poor UC students to tip more than they can afford. Its not about the money people ! But you cannot solicit tips !! NO!! Did they not teach you that in China !! Oh wait a minute you cannot understand what I am saying , even I , for the love of God, repeat it 10 TIMES!! Never mind. Food though, is pretty ok!!

Best Sandwich and Soups place downtown : Roly Poly,Downtown

A veggie, weight watchers, fast food eaters heaven. Ideal lunch place - affordable, fast and friendly.

Best Pizza : Hmm, this could take a while - Panera Bread - the crispani is too thin and "nice". A refreshingly fresh dimension to an otherwise stale mozzerella and marinara fare.

Worst Pizza : Papa Johns. - Flat , dull, and predictable.

Best Mexican : Chipotle. Unpretentious , clean , healthy , and YUMMMMYYYYY !!

Worst Mexican : Burrito Joe's. Always crowded, moreover,the sour cream there is so dull and tasteless you start wondering if they make it out of the same thing they make the burrito with.

Best Breakfast : IHOP - Any damn day !!! Brueggers Bagels follows with a very close second. The "everything" Bagel with very light Mayo is a must try !!

Best Italian : Buca De Beppo,Rookwood Commons

The ambience is nice. So is the food. This one has lots of good memories !

Worst Italian : SBarro

Best cornbread place : Fat fish Blue,Newport

A pity that place is closed now :(

Best French Fries Place : Chicago Gyro,West McMillan

There is a seasoning on top thats soo flavorful ! Too good !

Best "Veggie choices" around UC : Myra's Dionsyus,Calhoun

Cilantro Vietnamese Bistro,Clifton

Best "Veggie choice" around downtown : Manna Vegetarian Deli,Downtown

Best international fusion cuisine : Kona Bistro,Hyde Park

Best Orange Juice ever : Fruities and Smoothies,Downtown
I am a complete anti - OJ person. You cannot find Tropicana in our pantry, no sir, nothing can make me gulp down gallons of acidic liquid that tastes like medicine. But the freshly squeezed OJ at Fruities and smoothies is just that - no acidity, no chemical smells, just pure orange juice, just the way mom made it !!

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