October. I wonder why I am really looking forward to this. The traffic diversions and irritating sounds apart - downtown Cincinnati feels like - a "work in progress" without the fountain square.There is something about that grotesque structure that feels that the city does, infact, have a history. I imagine old-style gyro carts , and women in gingham dresses. Somehow the past year hasn't quite been the same without "The Lady". But she is going to be back again - and this time the whole place is going to be a lot bigger and better !! With bigger ice rinks, and big size TV screens a la NY and better lights and sounds, water falls and free wi-fi - this midwest city sure does have a charm of its own !! Oh talking of rinks - I heard that we are going to experience flurries this week !! Yay!! The first flurry of snow is always special - each year !!!

Here's to another winter !!

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