I am crazy about....

This "new" song - Kelamal Kaiyil from ATM. I thought it was Anuradha Sriram, Saindhavi sounds soo much like her.Something about this song is very addicting, I thought. Then I found these lines:

"Kaetu rasitha padal ondrai
meendum indru nyabagam thoonda"

And these lines at the end :

"Paarkum Megangale
pogum nerangale
paarkum Megangale
pogum nerangale
etho nadakinrathe"

and then two more lines - the basic idea being it was mesmerizing. And guess what - "Agaya Vennilave" That's what it was intended to sound like!!! This beautiful Dharbari Kaanada reminds me of the song in the Hindi version of Khushi - "Aye Re Aye Re Khushi" that goes "Dheem thanana dir dir ..."

Darbar is, in itself a beautiful, strong Raaga. Combine it with the pure romance of Kaanada, and you've got yourself the perfect music high. Oh! Life is beautiful !

My Top Five Dhabari Kaanadas :

NataBhairavi Janyam 20 ( Not Karaharapriya 22)
Aa: N2 S R2 G2 R2 S M1 P D1 N2 S
Av: S D1 N2 P M1 P G2 M1 R2 S

1. Malare Mounama : The male aalap interlude ,the liberal use of the G2 Ghandharam.

2.Katre Yen Vasal : Again good G2, but most importantly , the Kaishiki Nishadha Prayoham and the "M1 R2" notes in succession.

3. Nee Katru Naan Maram : Textbook use of the Raagam, it could have easily been a krithi if not for the lyrics.Classic and wonderful.

4. Kalyana Thernila : The "P D1 N2 S" phrase used throughout the song.A simple arrangement, gets the point across as perfectly as the Arohanam itself.

5.Atrai Thingal Vanidam : This is a little tricky, it is probably not even classic Dharbari Kaanada. The "M1M1 R2 S" in the female "Adi thoda,mudi thoda aasai perigida,nerum pala vitha pari baashai" is when the Raaga gently presents itself.Subtle,classy.

Special mention : Sonu's high pitched " Is Pyaar ko mein kya naam dun..." and "Nainaheen ko Raah Dikha Prabhu..."

I am going back to my musical ecstasy... So Long !
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