Veggie and Proud of it

I was born and raised a vegetarian.But, I am a vegetarian by choice. It is not about a religion, its just out of personal choice. And while I am pro-choice about this one and believe that people should feel free to whatever they want to eat,I couldn'thelp but think back at some reasons why people eat meat. My guess is, as societies evolved in different parts of the world, the idea was to eat whatever was available.Like, for instance, where are you going to find fresh, green leafy vegetables in the middle of the Arabian desert ? That , also explains why different religions have different rules about meat eating.

But, in today's world,any kind of food is ready available,regardless of seasons,geography or climate.There is absolutely no dearth or difficultly in procuring food.So my idea is, I am not living near the Arctic Circle, so why should I stop being a vegetarian ?

Oh, and for those people who ridiculously argue that meat helps you build muscle/strength and that everyone *should* eat meat to be "strong", I have only one thing to say : Ever seen an Elephant ? Weighs about 13,000 pounds, and is about 12 feet high?Strength, yes. Guess what an elephant is : A pure vegetarian. So stop being silly and go home.


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