Many , many lives ago,there was that one sea.One, big and blue.She turned , to glimpse that perfect wave and paused to reflect.She ran toward it,stopping mid way as if her soft feet would somehow mar the wave itself. Her beautiful legs barely touched the the white sands, as she waited for the wave to hit her.She stood right in the middle of it, letting it surround her.

Slowly , the wave receeded. She turned around, confused. The part of her that stood in awe of that perfect wave , was esctatic.It was nirvana to just hear noise and splash all around her. The part of her though, that wished she could ride the wave forever, was pensive.

And then there was, interestingly another part. The part that saw her as she closed her eyes and the wave hit her. The part that somehow attuned to her half-sand kissed figure, wondering why she wasn't soaked to the bones.

And there she stood.As she spread her hands wide and high, she leapt up, as if toward the sky. Her hands pierced the tip of a once-perfect wave, rippling it apart forever.

She felt human.
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