How do people land on this blog ?

a) People who have this page bookmarked (Yayy!)
b)People who subscribed to this blog (again, yayy!)
c) The click-trackers (outclicks from this site tracked)

But seriously, here are the top five google searches that lead to this blog :

a) "vivitsa" (yeah, right!)

b) "Masaru ponne varuga"

c)"Laali Adinaal" (Yeah, surprisingly this is the only space that has the full lyrics to that song!)

d) Tie between
  • an embarrassing quote or two from Wedding crashers and
  • "vegan" or "vegetarian" followed by some celebrity name
e) one of "arohanam avarohanam","sikkil gurucharan","harivarasam" etc :)

Now that I feel like a celebrity, I am getting back to work :) Love y'all !
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