I am embarrassed to admit that for the longest time, my baseline song for this raaga was "Azhagana Rakshasiye". Of course, Maharajapuram's "Nannu Vidachi" changed things , it is the Ni2 that made me fall. Just a simple Ni2. Go figure.

In my head , the arohanam is just S G R G M N N S although the orginal arohanam and avarohanam is a beautiful complex sequence of Sa Ga2 Ri2 Ga2 Ma1 Ni2 Da2 Ma1 Ni2 Ni2 Sa and Sa Ni2 Da2 Ma1 Ga2 Ma1 Pa Ma1 Ga2 Ri2 Sa. "Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran" - an Ilayaraja oldie uses the exact pattern in the opening line. Simple, but gets the point across effectively.

And yes, I have been listening to "Kangal Irandaal" from the movie where the hero is a thug and the heroine is a half-saree clad damsel. Oh wait, but that is most movies. Anyhow, the song has been sitting on my playlist for a while and just got elevated to the "continuously on loop" status.

So what exactly is catchy ? the "NSGRSa.. NDPa.. GMPMGRS" interlude before the starting of the first stanza. And these two lines I am unable to get off my head.

"unnai indri ver oru ninaivillai; ini indha 0onuyir ninadhillai"

The swara pattern of these lines goes something like "SGRG MaGR Ni SGRi .."

Happy Listening !

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