Where is "home"?

It is a "normal" day as I wait to board my flight to newark liberty international. I've done this more times over the past 5 years than I care to count.

Except this is different. I am going back - I mustn't take the train to P3 and search for my car. I mustnt wait for my AMC cab guy to pick me up. Hell I dont even have his number anymore. When did I delete it ? I try to recollect.

The lady at the check-in looks at my passport and says " What is your reason to visit London maam ?"

" I live here, I am visiting the U.S." I tell her ,as a matter of fact.

Yes, I am "visiting" EWR. I am not renting a car, my US license has expired. Or maybe I can , with my UK one. Must remember to drive on the correct side.

Its been 14 months since I've left the country. Who lives in my apartment now ? Does the doorman still remember me ?

I've taken to my new life lovingly and it has been absolutely wonderful.

I skirt around the unease as I charge my iPhone. Hopefully my roaming works.

I land.I hear accents around me. Familiar yet different.

The week flew by. I was in a haze.

I am still in a haze, its been a week since I've been back.

Familiar, yet different. This is scary.

Where is home ?

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