Weekend Times....

I havent recharged my cell yet, so it is currently being used as a digital (??!!!) alarm clock.Oh, for the uninitated, my cell phone is one of its kind. You know, at one point, I even had offers to display this legacy make in the BITS museum !!!!!!!!!(LOL ...!!!!)And my latest visit to BITS in march, included an open auction for this one. I had , at one point offered it for free. And guess what.. there were no takers!!!!Oh, I will take a snapshot of this priceless antique sometime and post it for all to see!!!

Oh, I just finished watching Munna Bhai MBBS. A good concept, and well taken.. Well.. almost... They did have to make it dramatic ,Didnt they?? Cmon, guyz give Indian cinema a break.When will you ever stop tainting original concepts with the usual "romance+item numbers+action+comedy" formula ??? Grow up!!! And let the audience move on !!!!!

So today was a nice saturday.Except Schumi's dismal qualifing at Monaco. And today included my weekend customary visit to Forum.Tommorow is Dipas wedding.I missed out on fun with the gang, feeling bad about that...Anyways, here is wishing Dips a long and happy married life.Dunno when I would meet the gang again. Anyways, and imminent visit to Pondicherry should make up for that.

Tommorow promises to be another lazy sunday.Lets see if I can get the winamp plugin for the blogger working. And then cook a bit(oops!!! thats a whole new story altogether... will post a special blog on that one sometime!!) and then... MONACO Grand Prix!!!!!! So, Trulli has truly come of age!!( That was a badly attempted pun, I know guyz!!!!)Anyways,tommorow promises to be an exciting race,lets see.. maybe Schumi will get some real competition, which i am a sure he wont mind, cmon, It should be getting pretty lonely at the top !!!!!!!

I am also planning to do a special blog sometime.What would it be? Thats a surprise..(Oh.. thats right.. I have no clue myself) Okay, I guess that is enough of crapping. Gotta go and try to see if I can sleep.Have already started cribbing about Monday :((( Will be back tommorow with more.. Bye..!!!!!!

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