Sorry but I guess this is going to be an F1 commentary blog.Superb start, Barichello almost overtook Schumi,very accident prone.So far safety car out twice.Alonso crashed out.Ralf injured.Cars in lap 15.Ralf rushed to hospital after a hig speed car accident.14 survivors.The entire grand stand stands up and applauds Ralf.Montoya up from 17th to 4th.

Chatting with madhu now..I just realised how I must,to the readers of this blog, come across as a chronic whinner-cribber, you know sort of I-am-dissatified-with-everything kinda person !!!!!!Okay, so from now on, its only....wait!!!

Sato is giving Schumi a hard time.He is breathing down Schumi's neck.Jenson Button pits.Sato pits on lap 24.Comes out 11.Gets caught in traffic,costs him time.Schumi thanks his stars.Sato pushes hard.Button pits again.(*what is he thinking??*)Oh...He is out in the 27th Lap.
Okay.. So from now on..only chocolate and roses.
Sato finally leaves the traffic battle behind.Sato still now 8th.33 secs behind Schumi.Montoya who almost didnt start the race, is now 2nd.(Started in spare car too!!) Lap 34: Raikkonen and Fischella locked in a tough battle.Williams getting ready for a pit.Montoya's first pit.Raikonnen in pits, inspecting side boards,Mclaren reliablity problems.15 second pit stop.Montoya on a single stop strategy.(Good strato.. won Hakkinen races here!!)Sato and Panis battle.Amazing driving by both,Panis still ahead for now.Investigations on Montoya.(what exactly not known now)Lap 41.Both Ferraris pit.
Watch out for more in the next post.
Yipee !!! I am going to be there next time.. watching it live !!!!
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