Today is one of those amazing sundays .Met up with an old friend(oops!!! She is a classmate from bits!!!! Have I grown old already!!!!*puts head down in shame*).We sure seem to have started the real journey down life's path.Or rather,another phase in life. .A year ago, we were just a couple of class bunking,late night movie watching bitsians.I daresay we are anything more today, but then,with age, and time,life changes.It inevitably does.I cannot believe I just had a conversation with her,about talks of her  imminent marriage (Thanks to constantly nagging  Tam parents!!)and as to my giving her fundaas on how she should wait for some more years.(Yes!!!!! It did have the added advantage that it  would give me a little comfort when there are still people in my batch single when I am slogging my life out in dull dreary labs!!!!)

Then I met the gang,and a whole bunch of Bitsians as we did our usual trying-to-look-like-shoppers routine in MG road.For a change,we did actually buy a saree for my friends mom.It was a hilarious sight as he fumbled with those dizzing array of choices,like a school boy on his first day at school!!!Needless to say,we womenflock(or the non-males,as they call us) pooled in what little expertise we had to help him find the right one. After we stumbled on a few more of our species, a discussion with a fellow discipline mate did give me that final nudge, that my career decision is indeed right for me.

It is funny.When will I ever have a closure???Do I even want to have one??Maybe I take solace in identifying myself with a familiar set of friends,and a magical place called bits, memories of special people and wonderful times.It is so much a part of my identity now.I hate to let go.(*scratch scratch* didnt someone say letting go is the hardest part of living??)
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