As I sit down at 1 40 to write down a post, munching on yummy fresh badams and masala cashews -- Oh yeah !!! Pyaari beti is going videsh now, so needs a lot of extra "poshaak" not to mention the addition of a few extra pounds, which by the way, may not make a difference to my already ponderous self. Yes, so where were we? yes, I sat down to write a post.

Why is it that whenever, I mean whenever without exception, I sit down to write something, my mind automatically switches the background and foreground processes.It is like it has an inbuilt swap() function that is triggered everytime I open blogger,or notepad, for that matter.Okay, if you havent guessed already,yes, I tried to sit down with some c++ today. Well, before I digress too far, the background process is sometimes a to-do list, sometimes a what-if-I-do-miserably-there thingie , so on,and so forth.

I have been with this for too long.I guess after a long time, today, this feeling has finally metamorphosed to tangible thoughts.Anywayz, people interest me a lot. I mean, the class people. Not the specific objects. I dont know if all of you do this, but when I meet new people, I always try to figure them out.Now in case this gives you a weird naked feeling - sort of like a clutching your clothes and hiding away in the closet thing - well, thats not what I meant. You know it is a sort of a jigsaw puzzle. When you meet people, you have some bits, and you try to fill up the rest.

The average human brain probably does something like this : Sometimes you fill it up too quickly, and hastily, because it is easier for you to box people into categories, and because you already have stereotypes, based on your past experiences-- for instance , men could be,MCPs,the insecure lot, the playboys, the mamas boys(who also are these bitchy girly types), the caring ones(I added that as a last minute revision!!!!) and so on so forth.And girls could be, well, say the bitchy-girly type, the outwardly-tomboy-inwardly-mylapore-maami type, the hard-core-mylapore-maami- type, the cool-tomboy and so on. For most of these, you also have a face in mind.

And, when you meet other people these things can happen.You first box the person into one of your categories.Oh by the way, against each of your stereotypes, is a column - a tickbox a sort of a yes-no-maybe thing.For instance against your MCP coloumn you will have a yes , no and a "Spit right on the face, show the middle finger, then keep away" button.As an afterthought you probably deleted the yes button to save your processing resources(Oh yea!!! comps fundaas!!!). So , if a girl/guy fits in with any of your acceptable, very acceptable or totally cool categories, or is in any other category and graduates to the former list,you go to Phase II.

In Phase II, slowly, over a period, your mind unconsciously matches your list of stereotypes to his/her class of stereotypes. The more closely they match, the more you say the percentage of wavelength match is.The more you can probably relate to each other.As time progresses,these people start getting an idea of the tickboxes against each columns.

Phase III I guess, is probably what people term"bonding". It happens when, gradually, over a period of time,these people concerned are subject to similar experiences, meet and interact with the same people,talk more freely about the stereotypes and tickboxes, and why in your mind you have tickmarked a particular box for a particular category and so on. Then, these databases almost merge, or alteast are in sync with one another. I would like to think that there is a Phase IV,but I really dont know if there is.If there is, I dont think I ve been there. If there is one, and if I ever get there, of course, I ll blog about it surely .

Anyways, the point I was trying to make through the whole post is:

Yeh life ki humor Bhi na !!!!

You meet a lot of people in life. Some exit at Phase I,simply because they either go away or you dont give them a chance thanks to your tickboxes . Some proceed beyond and go to Phase II.Only to have some cruel force take them away from you. Going to Phase III is a huge step.For me atleast. It takes up a lot of mental bandwidth, emotional drains, adjustments, readjustments,fights,heartbreaks and pain to get there. I dont mean to sound a pessimist- the good part of Phase III is,it does make your life easy,happy,and worth living - and with some people you may even realise what those damn poets were talking about.The whole process, takes a lot out of you. And when life's vagaries take you away from such wonderful people, sometimes, you simply dont have the strength to go through the whole charade all over again.

By the way, those categories, are something similar to those entries in the database of yours truly.But not quite there yet. These are hazy boxes, and the line separating these, gets blurred all the time.Yes, I guess people get less and less judgmental as time grows. I am thinking I should delete the entire database-you know like format it, and start all over again.But then,I guess you try and build on as you go, careful not to step on that thin red line between calling on past experiences and letting these experiences narrow your field of vision and bind you to artificially created boundaries. God help me !!!!!

PS : Okay now, the next thing, I know, is to answer a whole spate of questions concerning my sanity !!!!!! If there are still any questions that is !!!!!
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