Cincinnati , Ohio :

Monday through Thursday : Warm and sunny, sweaty.

Friday : Severe rains , thunder and lightning.

Saturday : Light snow, cold winds !!!!

Bloody !! And they call ME unpredictable !!!!

Anyways , the week so far :

Friday night :

A cold, dark room, occasionally lit up in brilliant white by the lightning outside.Roaring thunder broke the silence of the night.Snuggled up in a comforter - a laptop,earphones, a mug of cold chocolate and microwaved ramen noodles giving me company as I watched "Forrest Gump".

Life doesnt get better than this believe me!!!
Life is soo beautiful!!!

Saturday afternoon :Still inside the comforter, too lazy to go and get breakfast or lunch or whatever.. This time its "Vanilla Sky".

Saturday Evening :WTF !!! I have shitloads to do!!!

Later saturday evening :Ok, maybe I should check my yahoo,gmail,snailmail,whatever mail...

10 mins later :Ok now focus ..."Markovian Queues in Equilibrium".. What ? This comp doesnt have an equation editor!!!

Later : Its been ages since I went to Subway.Yeah, Jimmy Johns is a million times better, but too lazy to walk up to it.

Later :Hmm, Its been long since I blogged.I really should break this dry spell.

Much Later :"Roja" DVD checked out from Langsam.Hmm, heavenly music... Maybe I ll just check out that Hidumba temple scene again.. Well, maybe I ll watch the whole movie.. ..

Will be back with more !!!
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