In Search of a not-so-perfect blog template..

I am not a perfectionist, no sir. I am not those anal Monica types who need to have life in perfect order before they give themselves permission to be happy. I have a method in my madness. And as long as the method and madness complement each other, my life is peaceful.

I've had this blog for almost five years now. Gosh ! Time flies. And the blog has come a long way. But the one thing that has stayed near constant is the template. Yes, minima black with a few alterations. I am beginning to feel the need for a blog makeover. Something that says "cheery disposition" akin to what I've been feeling lately. Or atleast what I hope people will feel when they chance upon this blog.

And hence my search begins. Watch this space for more to come :)
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  1. vats Says:

    :)real nice... very nice template,Sang! but make sure u trim the plants regularly!